Kwe4 Africa

What We Are

Kwe4 is a technology Startup Studio led by Sokefun David and Olusegun Williams. With 15 years combined operational and startup experience, David and Olusegun want to shape the up-and-coming startup ecosystem of Africa, develop ideas into products and products into companies, and create a new tech hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What A Startup Studio Is

A “Startup Studio” is a structure whose aim is to repeatedly build products into companies. Thanks to its infrastructure and resources, a startup studio increase a product’s chance of success and optimize its creation and growth.

Who We Are

David Sokefun and Olusegun Williams lead by example and from experience. The team bootstrapped Pianoman, officially the largest online music gear retailer in Nigeria, to $500K in revenue in two years.

Technology Development Philosophy

We believe in creating simple, user friendly solutions with the right metrics in mind.